East Cheshire Walks 2nd Edition

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East Cheshire Walks 2nd EditionThis new edition of a firm favourite is a complete revision - each route has been rewalked, problems reported by readers have been resolved, new photographs have been taken and all of the maps have been redrawn. Some considerable changes have been necessary because of new roads, housing developments and path diversions. Some of these have actually been beneficial - for example, a completely new walk takes advantage of the excellent pedestrian tunnel under the second runway of Manchester airport!
Walks range from short strolls of less than five miles on mostly flat ground towards the centre of the county to demanding hikes over the hills that rise towards the border with Derbyshire. Detailed instructions, reminiscences of what each walk is like during the changing seasons, and accurate historical notes combine to make this the authoritative local walking book.
Enthusiasts are encouraged to tackle a 20-mile challenge route, linking the highest peaks in East Cheshire!


istance:3 to 20 miles

Author:   Graham Beech

ISBN:   9781850588849