Travelling with Kids

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Travelling with KidsA pack of cards, some dice plus a mix of word and paper games can provide a continually changing solution keeping boredom at bay yet can be packed up in minutes when flights are called or your train arrives. There are instructions for well-known games such as Hangman, Stone Paper Scissors,

Battleships and Cruisers as well as many lesser-known ones like Accordion, Consequences, One Awkward Albatross and Travel. There are things to make and do such as paper aeroplanes, fortune tellers, or origami boxes. Why not try to learn a simple magic trick using playing cards or discover how to play ancient games like Nine Mens Morris?

About the Author:
Angela Youngman is a freelance journalist and book author who writes regularly for a range of magazines, newsletters and websites. Her artist daughter, Karis, has drawn the original illustrations for this book.

ISBN:   9781850589259

Due 2017