Review by Tony Brandon

Dear Sir,

Having just read Andy Owens excellent biography of Eric Portman I write to say how
much I enjoyed it. 

I have followed Eric's career since the late 1940's and it has always been a mystery to
me as to why it took until the year 2013 to devote a book to a man who must surely
rank as one of the most talented and versatile actors of his age. Moreover it has
always struck me as unimaginable the fact that he was never awarded a Knighthood in
honour of his outstanding contribution to the acting profession.

I was heartened to read that he was such a warm man and that despite global fame he
never forgot his Yorkshire roots and was so well liked amongst his fellow
professional and amateur actors and perhaps even more importantly his countless

I would be very grateful if you would kindly pass on my comments to Andy Owens
and express my gratitude for his affectionate and brilliantly researched tribute to an
actor who gave his public so many memorable performances on screen, stage and

All good wishes

Tony Brandon