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Act now before adventure becomes a distant memory!

What are your strongest childhood memories? Chances are, if you were born during or before the 1980s, they involve climbing trees, roaming the fields until teatime and swimming in rivers. But new research shows that today’s children are potentially missing out on adventures of this kind and are too busy playing indoors instead.

According to a survey by garden and conservatory furniture firm, the fondest childhood memories of more than half (56%) of British adults include exploring and socialising outside. Yet almost the same number - 58% - of modern parents say they regularly battle to get their children outdoors, suggesting that the next generation is likely to be missing similar key memories from their own childhoods.


 Almost a quarter say their children ‘rarely’ play outdoors during their free time, while almost seven in 10 - 69% - believe their kids spend more time playing indoors on computer games and technology than embracing nature and the outdoors. Just nine percent think their offspring would play outdoors if was raining, compared to the 19% who did so when they were young.

 The research found that:
  • Building dens was cited as a former favourite outdoor activity for 68% of those quizzed
  • 65% loved playing in the park (65%)
  • 57% enjoyed trips to the seaside
  • Games such as hide and seek, hopscotch and tag were popular with 56% of today’s parents, closely followed by ball games including rounders, tennis and football (52%)
  • Almost half - 45% - loved splashing in a paddling pool, while 41% fondly remember water fights
  • Camping trips (38%) and having barbecues (31%) also form favourite memories for adults today
  • More than a third of adults (35%) regularly pleaded with their parents for extra time outside and 44% preferred playing outside to being indoors during the summer holidays

 Alfresia’s Nic Jones said, "It’s great that such vivid and long-lasting memories can be created for children simply through outdoor play. These are recollections that we will take with us into adulthood and cherish for years to come - and a lot of them involve doing things that are free.

"However, sadly many children today seem to be missing out on these long-lasting memories that are created through enjoying outdoor experiences. For many families, the vast range of technology they have at their fingertips is a reason to stay indoors, yet there is so much to embrace through outdoor activities and play.

 "Simple games such as treasure hunts, feeding the ducks and splashing in puddles can bring such happiness. Of course, indoor games and technology have their benefits and can also be a great deal of fun, but there is no harm in getting wrapped up and heading off for an outdoor pursuit come rain or shine!”


Our trails books for children cover all corners of the UK, so switch off, get outside and start making memories with your little ones today!



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