Behind the Hedge

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Behind the Hedge
Where Our Food Comes From An Illustrated Guide to Farming
Nicola de Pulford & John Hitchins

Behind the Hedge is for everyone who wants to know more about the food we eat, the land it is grown and reared on, and those who farm it.

It is an easy-to-follow guide which will help you identify in their natural environment our crops, fruit and farm animals, agricultural buildings and machinery, the farming landscape and the wildlife it supports.

Never again will you mistake a field of wheat for one of barley, or an Aberdeen Angus cow for a Hereford. By dipping in and out of this beautifully illustrated book, you will learn to recognise the crops, farm animals and wildlife on the other side of the hedge.

ISBN: 978-1-85058-919-8
Softback 256pp 148mmx210mm
500+ colour photographs


About the Authors
Nicola de Pulford
 is a farmer, a photographer and best-selling writer. Brought up on a mixed farm in Wiltshire, she ran the farm with her sister from the age of 17. She now farms in Devon keeping sheep, goats, poultry, ducks and growing a variety of vegetables for the local market. She publishes the Naked Farmers's Calendar.

John Hitchins has been a journalist, a greengrocer and, for a brief period, worked on a farm in India. He has lived in South Devon for the past 25 years surrounded by some of Britain's most beautiful farmland but knowing little of what is growing and grazing around him. He has written this book to overcome his own ignorance and that of millions like him.