Denbighshire Villages

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Denbighshire Villages
Denbighshire Villages is the sixth book by Geoffrey Davies in a series covering the villages of the 13 historic Welsh Counties. The old county of is a county of great scenic beauty, admired by writers like Wordsworth and artists like Turner. There are ancient castles, churches and mansions as well as spectacular feats of engineering. Denbighshire’s villages reflect the history of the county from the early Celtic Saints, through battles with the Anglo Saxons and Normans, the English Civil War and the Industrial Revolution and the subsequent decline of the iron, steel and coal industries. The Welsh nobility and gentry retained their wealth and influence and profited from the mineral wealth on their land, while the proximity to the cities of Liverpool and Manchester saw great houses built for the newly rich This book gives a description of each village, its points of interest, history, legends and profiles of prominent local families, providing fascinating information for the tourist and resident alike.