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Discovering NewcastleGateshead - Insights into Tyneside

 Our latest release, Discovering NewcastleGateshead, is much more than a walking guide! This new and enlarged edition comprises thirty fascinating journeys, all revealing interesting snippets about significant people and places on Tyneside. Here, you can encounter a rich mixture of history, culture, art, sport and entertainment against a background of industrial regeneration. 
 Written by Peter Donaghy, it allows walkers of all abilities to enjoy relatively short walks of four to six miles, with the opportunity to visit museums and art galleries, stroll through parks, proceed along the banks of the Tyne and wander along coastal promenades. The walks are sequenced so as to enable those wishing to undertake longer distances to combine journeys. All walks start and finish at metro stations or bus stops, and refreshment facilities are never far away.

 The comprehensive index enables users to search among the highlighted vignettes for personalities, buildings and monuments that may be of particular interest. The maps even allow the ‘armchair’ walker to enjoy a virtual tour! Here you will find major figures from the world of industry and engineering; sporting heroes: world champion oarsmen, football legends, athletes and even a Wimbledon ladies tennis champion; leading civil rights campaigners; song writers and music hall artists; leading religious and civic figures. More commemorative plaques now help to reveal the role of previously forgotten contributors to life in this region.  

 Naturally, the castle that gives its name to Newcastle, the bridges that cross the Tyne - including the emblematic Tyne and Millennium - the Angel of the North and two cathedrals feature heavily. However, the walks lead to numerous other gems that perhaps are hidden in nooks and crannies that may not be so well known, even by long-standing residents.


Author Peter has derived particular pleasure in discovering locations associated with two internationally acclaimed pupils from his former school, architect Sir Terry Farrell and rock star Sting. Peter was a contemporary of Sir Terry and later taught Sting at St Cuthbert’s Grammar School. He also enjoyed discovering that his own great-great-great grandfather was buried in St Nicholas Cathedral!

  It is evident that this vibrant region continues to be transformed and to evolve as creative minds explore new concepts to meet new challenges. Therefore, readers need to be conscious of change, as new venues and attractions emerge and sometimes treasured establishments disappear. This, too, is all part of the discovery process that this book hopes to encourage.


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