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DonkeymanAuthor Philip Allott was born in 1959 and brought up in the small market town of Knaresborough. His family life might well have been the same as any other young person's, except for one major difference - Philip's father was a donkeyman. For nearly forty years David Allott, better known as Donkey Dave, bred, hired out, gave rides with and raced a troupe of super donkeys. Donkey Dave was a real old-fashioned eccentric and an outspoken northern character. In this moving, and at times very gritty book, Philip gives us a unique insight into the strange world of his father's life and business. If you are interested in animals, and northern humour with a sense of justice, or are merely in search of a good read, this gripping and often very frank and colourful account has been written just for you. This title includes foreword by Anne Widdecombe MP.