Family Walks in East Cheshire

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Family Walks in East CheshireAbout the Author:
Walking in the countryside has been Jean Warham's lifelong passion. Following retirement, she joined her local walking group. Her love of the East Cheshire countryside and its beautiful walks has inspired her to record them so that they can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Walks:  25

istance:  2.5 to 4 .5 miles

ISBN:  9781850589037


Macclesfield Express


A VETERAN walker in the Macclesfield countryside has used her decades of experience to write a book about the area's beauty spots:
Jean Warham, 69, has been a member of the Activity in Retirement walking club for more than 15 years and has been leading them for the past seven. 

The club is mostly up made up of pensioners who meet once a week for walks and are split into three groups based on abilities. 
And retired accountant Jean had so many requests for information on the routes she was taking, she wrote them all down in a book which has now been published. 
None of the routes are longer than five miles and all are suitable for walkers of all ages and abilities. 
As well as maps and details of the routes, Family Walks in East Cheshire advises potential walkers which routes to take in certain weather conditions. 
It also gives history and information on points of Interest along walks as well as a list of nearby pubs where walkers can stop for a drink or something to eat. 
Jean, who lives with husband Roy, 76, on Pexhill Drive, Broken Cross said: "I love the walking.
"I just love the outdoors, the fresh air and the views, and we have some absolutely unbelievable countryside around Macc.
"I was a member of the walking club when the lady leading us left and records of all the walks we had done were lost. 
"So slowly over the years I began writing them all down."
And she was over the moon when publisher Sigma Leisure agreed to release the book three years ago. 
As well as the information on the walks, Jean also took her own photos to accompany each route as well as commissioning illustrations from her friend Karen Ross. 
Jean added: "It was hard work putting it all together, a real labour of love. 
"I know I am not going to make any money out of it but I thought it was important a record of these walks was kept. It took more than a year and a half in total to write.

"But I'm so glad it's all finished and in the shops.

"Hopefully it will encourage some people who don't normally go walking to give it a try.

"It is one of the best forms of exercise and is great for your health and well being."

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