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Holiday happiness

It’s all down to your age! 

If the winter blues are already causing you to reach for the holiday brochures, a new study showing that Brits only really start to get the most from a holiday at the age of 31 might be of interest to you! 

While we might indulge in booze-filled breaks and late nights in our late teens and twenties, we’re ready to swap these for whale watching, art galleries and museums once we pass the big 3-0. The survey, commissioned by Virgin Holidays to mark the launch of 250 new ‘Experiences’, shows that our early thirties are when we truly start to relax and get away from it all, opting for family-friendly activities that will live in the memory longer than a drunken night with friends! 

According to the research, six in ten of us admit to having been on holiday only to return home feeling like we’ve not really had a break at all (sounds familiar!). Top of the list in all age groups is the chance to escape the daily grind, as well as trying new dishes, while other findings include:

  • For a third of carefree 18-29 year olds, the aim of a holiday is to top up the tan, while 29% want to look for vibrant nightlife
  • In our thirties, a quarter of us simply want to read a good book, while 27 per cent want to do ‘as little as possible’
  • A quarter of people in their forties are keen to get off the beaten track, while nearly one fifth are interested in wine and cocktails
  • 27% of holidaymakers in their fifties want to learn something new, while 30% wish to experience a new culture
  • When it comes to the over-60s, three in 10 want to meet interesting people. They also tend to favour multiple destination trips, group tours and cruises

Virgin Holidays managing director Joe Thompson said: "Our research suggests the travel industry needs to do more to offer holidaymakers bespoke holidays, personalised to their individual needs. It’s apparent we all want different things from our getaways and there is no one-size fits all when it comes to holidaying.”

 Here’s what’s top of the wish list for Brits heading on hols! 

1. Foodie experiences

2. Whale watching

3. Helicopter ride over a natural wonder, like the Grand Canyon

4. Museums and art galleries

5. Wine tasting

6. Helicopter ride over a city, such as New York

7. Visiting the set of a favourite film or TV show

8. Local cookery course

9. Driving a classic or luxury car

10. Checking out the local street art


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