Lake District Walks to Secret Tarns

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Lake District Walks to Secret Tarns
High above the roads and towns of the Lake District, there are secrets to be discovered. You’d never know about them unless you put on a pair of walking boots and climb part way up some of the national park’s finest fells. As you climb higher and higher, you’re still not aware of what the secret will be or what it will look like. These extraordinary small lakes were formed during ice
ages; glaciers scraped out hollows and then dumped deposits to seal them off, allowing the tarns to take shape. Today, they are tranquil stretches of water, nestled high in the hills and many people have no idea they’re there. This guide contains 25 walks – each one heading to a different secret tarn that can only be reached on foot. From Stickle Tarn to Blea Tarn, the walks vary from easy to challenging and cover a range of distances so that all abilities are catered for. There’s information about the places visited and photographs to prepare you for the surprise.

About the Author:
Peter Naldrett has been a regular visitor to the Lake District ever since falling in love with the
national park at university. He enjoys several trips to the Lake District every year with his family,
who are making their way through the legendary list of Wainwrights. When hiking on the fells,
he’s happiest when finding the peace and tranquillity at a secret tarn. As well as the new Secret
Tarns book, Peter has written several walking guides for Sigma Press.

Available  July 2018