Walks to Secret Tarns in the Lake District

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Walks to Secret Tarns in the Lake District

The Lake District has been shaped by ice, with magnificent valleys and mountain sides being scraped away by huge glaciers. One of the results we can still spot today are tarns – mountainous lakes carved by the ice sheets that still hold water and centre stage in a formidable view. Of all the many tarns in the Lake District, it’s the ones that are out of reach which provide the greatest thrill to walk to. These ‘Secret Tarns,’ which cannot be seen by roads and often require a challenging walk to stroll to access, are hidden away and often you only become aware of them then at the last minute. In this book, there are 25 walks to Secret Tarns in the Lake District, each one providing you with a challenging and rewarding walk, along with an enviable view. Visiting all 25 will take you to remote corners of the Lake District and help you to broaden your horizons to appreciate the things initially hidden from view.

About the Author:
Peter Naldrett is an author and geography teacher living on the edge of the Peak District, combining his love of the great outdoors with a passion for writing. He is a regular contributor to magazines such as Derbyshire Life and The Countryman and has written several guide books about the best things to do in the Peak District, Lake District and Yorkshire Dales National Park. He writes for a number of newspapers around the country and at the end of a long day in the Lakes can be found enjoying a pint of ale and sticky toffee pudding. Not necessarily together.

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