Wirral Walks 2nd Edition

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Wirral Walks 2nd Edition

A completely revised and updated edition of this popular collection of walks from 1½ to 10½ miles in length – ideal for a short stroll or a full day’s outing, covering a total of 100 miles through the best of the local landscape. This new edition contains two new walks together with major revisions to several other routes. The author’s careful research highlights fascinating information, from history to the landscape and wildlife seen along each route, making the walks interesting as well as fun.

About the Author:
Anthony Annakin-Smith is well known on the Wirral, as a writer and leader of walks, and as a popular speaker on the area’s landscape and history. He has studied the British landscape for many years holding a Masters degree on the subject from the University of Liverpool. He has over 30 years’ walking experience, covering thousands of miles across the UK.