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Keswick Reminder Review

Nowhere Fast

Walking the Wainwrights


Nowhere Fast

Walking the Wainwrights

by Andy Gibb

Published by: Sigma Leisure


Price £8.99 (Paperback)


ISBN: 978-1-91075-804-5

This book is not a walking guide. Andy Grigg has written a 'diary style' account of his family's ascents of all 214 Wainwrights with his wife Tania and his two young sons William and Tom. Andy describes their adventures as they all tackle the high and daunting peaks found in the breathtakingly beautiful English Lake District. Sharing the highs and lows, laughter and tears, the challenge proves that anything is possible and that what binds a family together is shared experience. This account is a lovely snapshot into a six-year family challenge to complete these 214 peaks and to remain the close family unit that they were at the outset! We join them as they battle against all the capricious elements which our region cares to throw at them which are often severe, frightening and dangerous. The photographs are taken by Tania and show how committed they all were to completing the task; the two boys in particular didn't seem to lose interest as so many little ones do if they are 'outfaced' by long and difficult walks. Their success is largely due, I'm sure, to their parenting skills and endless patience! Having walked most of these peaks (not always by the same routes) I enjoyed retracing my steps in the company of this unique family. There are no maps provided, each walk needs an accurate memory or an appropriate Wainwright Pictorial Guide and/or an O.S. map to accompany the reader allowing him/her to follow the route taken. The very personal details and story-telling element of this book provide an unusual and entertaining aspect not generally part of the 'run of the mill' fell walking publications. A Foreword by Alan Hinkes QBE praises the courage and inspiration of Andy Grigg and his family and finishes by saying "This is a fabulous family achievement, with memories that will last a lifetime." This is a book which will give 'food for thought' to those with young children who are wondering what they can ask their children to experience in their holiday in the Lakes! But, take care these mountains have minds of their own!

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