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30 carefully selected all-terrain buggy walks in beautiful North Hampshire.

All Terrain Pushchair Walks North Hampshire

  • From strolls through ancient forests, heathland rambles to spectacular uplands romps. Whether you're walking to keep fit or to enjoy the great outdoors, this book features detailed walk descriptions together with clear maps, local attractions and where to get refreshments.

    About the Authors:

    Jane Ward was brought up in Pembrokeshire and enjoyed exploring the great outdoors from an early age. She remembers long family walks on glorious summer days, and there it started - her love of walking. She has lived in Hampshire for fifteen years, and the arrival of her daughter Annabelle, in 2009, led to her re-discovering the country with her all-terrain pushchair. 

    Walks: 30

    Distance: 1.7 - 5.2 miles

    ISBN:    9781850589075

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