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A total of fifty short biographies of Lancashire Champions; men and women from Lancashire who through their endeavours have made a lasting contribution to society. Also contains illustrations of many of the people and associated places around the county.

Champion Lancastrians

  • The ‘Who's Who' of Lancastrians! If people and places fascinate you, particularly Lancastrian people and the history of the county of Lancashire, then local author Elizabeth Ashworth has a wealth of information sure to satisfy your curiosity. A regular contributor to Lancashire Magazine with a keen interest in Lancashire history, and a freelance writer with over 25 years experience, Elizabeth's in-depth research includes fascinating facts on fifty Lancashire Champions.

    This is an up-to-date, illustrated book written in a modern and accessible style. It includes men and women dating from when the county was first created up to and including the present day.

    From entertainer Eric Morecambe to Lord Leverhulme, of Sunlight Soap fame, and from Nick Park, the genius behind Wallace and Gromit, to sugar magnate Henry Tate, the coverage is vast. Unsung heroes and modern champions all get a look-in on the pages of this celebration of being a Lancastrian.

    Author:   Elizabeth Ashworth

    ISBN:   9781850588337

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