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The Clough Walk is a beautiful, exhilarating long distance walk that passes through the towns and cities associated with the illustrious career of Brian Clough both as a player and manager. Even people who profess to have no interest in football will have heard of Brian Clough but they may not be aware of his love for walking as an escape from the frenetic world of football management.

Clough Walk from Nottingham to Sunderland

  • The walk begins in Nottingham and ends on the impressive North East coast on Roker Beach, Sunderland and affords the walker the opportunity to visit football grounds and various memorial sites and statues along the way.

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    Sunderland Echo Review

    Thank you so much for sending a copy of your book.  I can see why you 
    are so proud and pleased with it.  I can honestly say it is the first 
    book that has inspired me to consider doing a bit of proper, hardcore 

    The research that's gone into it is obvious, as well as your heart and 
    soul, and it's so interesting and well presented that I'm sure it will 
    appeal to both walkers and non-walkers.  It was just a lovely, lovely 
    idea from the start and words can't really express what a touching 
    tribute I think it is to my Dad.

    Elizabeth Clough

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