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This guidebook is aimed firmly at those who enjoy a challenge, and who savour the remarkable scenery of the Dark Peak area of the Peak District.

Dark Peak Hikes 2nd Edition

  • The Dark Peak offers a dramatic landscape of steep slopes, gritstone crags and peat moorlands. Doug offers a collection of 34 challenging routes designed for those who enjoy the challenge of wandering ‘off the beaten track‘, and using their navigational skills for route finding and locating items of interest. These include: sites of aircraft wrecks; memorials; Bronze Age barrows; Iron Age forts; remnants of an industrial past; and even a New Age/UFO Society marker. There are opportunities to tackle Joe Brown's map reading trail, following clues chiselled into walls, bridges and gateposts.

    Walks:  30

    Distance:  1 to 35 miles

    Author:   Doug Brown

    ISBN:   9781850588832

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