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The Lake District is the most beautiful corner of England. Its picturesque patchwork of lakes, valleys, woodlands and mountains make it one of England’s premier places to enjoy the great outdoors. Walking in the Lake District is inherently rewarding with magnificent views almost everywhere you go.

Easy Walks to Lake District Views

  • The best views are not necessarily from the highest mountains. Many excellent views of the lakes and mountains may be reached with easy walks. Indeed the best views of the high mountains come from looking up to them and views of lakes are frequently at their best when looking down on them, after a relatively easy climb. This book features twenty walks to

    viewpoints throughout the Lake District. They are graded from very easy, to fairly easy and then not as easy. Each has a full description of the route, including a sketch map and points of interest.

    About the Author:

    Mike Patefield was born in Cumbria, grew up in Lancashire and now lives in the Lake District. He was inspired to write this book when he preferred more leisurely walks that still reach the places with views of his beloved lakes and mountains. He is an experienced walker and contributor to numerous walking guides, both in the Lake District and other parts of England and Europe.

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