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This book will inspire you to pump up the tyres and oil the chain for some excitement, exercise and a feast of rollercoaster riding as you join Michael Ely on some great mountain biking in these Pennine hills.


Exploring the North Peak and South Pennines

  • Over 500 miles of riding for the adventurous off-road cyclist that explore the tracks and steep lanes in the Pennine hills. There are twenty-five illustrated rides - with cafe stops half way round - to provide both a challenge and many hours of healthy exercise in classic mountain biking country.

    Walks: 25
    Distance:15 to 27 miles

    ISBN:   9781850588658

  • Michael Ely lives on the fringes of the North Peak and South Pennine moors and has got to know them very well having spent many hours riding over the ancient tracks scratched across their hillsides.

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