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The counties of Lancashire and Yorkshire abound with places of history and interest, some of which will be glimpsed in the course of these walks. The thirty three linked circular walks begin and end in the ancient county cities of Lancaster and York and include visits to the sites of seven castles and three abbeys.

Historical Walks through Lancashire and Yorkshire

  • The guide has been designed to cater for both the dedicated long distance walker and also the family rambler. With the inclusion of the return routes, the guide gives the walker the opportunity to complete a long distance route over a period of time, whilst attaining a wider experience of the local area. When passing through a number of towns and larger villages, the routes have been carefully designed to keep road walking to a minimum, but without loss of their particular interest and character.


    Tom Schofield has combined his love of walking, his enthusiasm for the history of Lancashire and Yorkshire, and his artistic talents to produce this beautifully illustrated guide.

    ISBN: 9781850589853

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