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Designed to appeal to both adults and children, this book is an unique vehicle for exploring the heritage of Lincoln. It will take you to the major heritage buildings and features of the city and then guide you into a more in depth exploration of aspects and details often overlooked, even by locals.

Lincoln Heritage Detective

  • There are photographs of these features accompanied by explanations of their history and relevance. At some sites the 'detective' will have to pinpoint these features. For example the book might give you a close up photograph of a carved animal in a church and tell you it is hidden on the rood screen but you will have to explore the screen to seek it out. There are also some features with more cryptic clues to add to the enjoyment. You don't have to work too hard to find these features but the concept makes you look and examine in greater depth when you are at the site and thus see even more. The book is laid out according to the route of a city walk and the included map indicates the location of each site so that the 'detective' is guaranteed to find Lincoln's best heritage features and its lesser known quirky ones.

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