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Forget the boring "walk books" that take you down quiet streets where nothing happens. London Walks in Easy English knows where the busy, exciting places in the capital are, and makes sure you see London life with all its colour, tradition, food, views, art, beautiful buildings and, most importantly, its sense of fun.

London Walks in Easy English

  • What other book of walks takes you inside the classrooms of London University, into courtrooms to see real trials in progress, into shops to try exotic food, and to the big attractions but also to many other fascinating places that even Londoners don't know?

    About the Author:
    A modern languages graduate and former teacher, Patrick Gubbins founded and ran one of the UK's largest transcription companies until retiring from it in 2008. He is the founder and managing director of transcription software development firm Tyger Valley Systems. When not in business mode he is a keen walker and London enthusiast. If you see someone speed-walking the streets of the capital with a large camera, a water-bottle, a rucksack full of reference books and an important-looking red clipboard, that is probably him researching his next book. Patrick lives in London with his wife and two small children.

    Author:   Patrick Gubbins

    ISBN:   9781850589327

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