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Walkers, strollers, ramblers, plodders, scramblers, dawdlers, runners, and hikers of any age will enjoy and be inspired by ‘One Girl’s’ Wainwright quest.

One Girl and The Wainwrights

  • Alfred Wainwright did not write about how to rescue lambs stuck in barbed wire fences, how to tell a search and rescue dog that – despite all appearances – you don’t need to be rescued, and how to cross a bog that sucks you in to your knees. He did write about two hundred and fourteen fells in the Lake District. Eleanor Matthews shares the dramas, woes, and joys of one girl’s quest to conquer every mountain on his famous list.

    Offering a personal account of her journey, inspiration, thoughts and dogged determination along the way, readers will enjoy accompanying the author as she explores the Lake District, sharing every step along the way.

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