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 A selection of walks offering unrestricted access for pushchairs into the heart of the East Midlands - Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Rutland and Staffordshire. They vary in length but each walk is accompanied by a clear map, route directions, interesting points to note, together with details of cafes and changing facilities.

Pushchair Paths East Midlands

  • If you like walking but think you're restricted because of a child in a pushchair - this book proves you're not. This is the first pushchair-friendly walking book for the East Midlands written by enthusiastic walker, writer and ‘East Midlander', Melanie Ramet. Melanie has written 30 ‘ORPing' (Off-Road Pushchairing) routes - the term she feels best describes these routes. They have been written to allow unrestricted access into the heart of the wonderful East Midlands countryside, where walkers can be confident there will be no unexpected obstacles to negotiate the pushchair over, under or through!
    Most of the walks are circular, varying in length from short strolls to longer more undulating walks. Each has its own clear map and directions, along with interesting things to look out for and of course the all-important location of changing facilities and refreshments. The East Midlands has many areas for families of all ages to enjoy: Sence Valley trails to explore; Wollaton Park gardens to stroll through; wildfowl on Thornton Water to wonder at; and Bradgate Park hilltops to climb. Whether you and your children enjoy country parks, nature reserves, ancient abbeys or historic halls, this book offers unrestricted access to enough countryside in the East Midlands to see your child grow out of the pushchair!

    Walks:  30

    Distance:  1.1 to 7 km

    Author:   Melenie Graham 

    ISBN:   9781850588269

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