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Going for a walk can be great fun, educational and healthy. While adults enjoy walking for its own sake, children need a purpose and to keep their brain and body occupied.

Walking with Kids

  • This book offers games and activities that can be played either on the move or when having a break, such as Green Man Arise, Mouse and Hobbit. Ways of introducing kids to the environment whilst walking include tracking, looking for signs of changing seasons, mini beast hunting, feather collecting and art and craft activities. It covers woods, forests, open country, rivers, seaside, towns and evening walks.

    ISBN:   9781850588870


  • Angela Youngman is a freelance journalist and book author who writes regularly for a range of magazines, newsletters and websites. She lives in a rural part of Norfolk with two children who have become fond of country walking. Her artist daughter, Karis, has drawn the original illustrations for this book.

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