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The 25 walks were selected to cover the entire range of hills and the adjacent commons; and, as the views looking at the hills can be as impressive as those looking from the hills, a few walks in the Ledbury area to the west and the Upton area and Old Hills to the east have been included.


ISBN: 9781850589723

Walks around the Malverns

  • The Malvern Hills have well over a hundred miles of paths on the hills and commons, and there is almost unlimited walking with real freedom to roam over many hectares of countryside. The hills are magnificent and the ridge walk is one of the finest in the country, with views east and west over large areas of rural England and into Wales.

  • Roy Woodcock is a former Geography teacher who has written 15 books of walks ranging from Kent in the south to the Lake District in the north. He enjoys walking across the varied and beautiful landscapes to be found throughout England, looking at wildlife as well as features of our national history to be seen in churches, castles and hill forts.

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