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Ancient Wales for the purposes of this book is divided into Anglesey, North Wales, and South Wales. Robert Harris describes a selection of walks through the most spectacular Welsh scenery, from the country lanes and footpaths of the valleys, to the wild and remote mountains.

Walks in Ancient Wales

  • Robert Harris has compiled a selection of fascinating walks throughout Wales which not only visit the sites and monuments left by our ancestors, but pass through some of the most spectacular scenery of the Welsh countryside. He has divided Ancient Wales into three specific areas – Anglesey, North Wales, and South Wales.
    Dating from the Neolithic and Bronze ages, stone circles, standing stones and burial chambers can still be found scattered throughout these beautiful areas. 
    The majority of the walks are circular ranging in length from 4 to 10 miles. There is the opportunity not only to enjoy the peace and quiet of the valleys, the country lanes and footpaths, around modern farms and villages, but also to climb high into the still wild and remote mountains. 
    Many of the walks link ancient paths and tracks where you can learn and understand more about the distant lives and customs of our ancient ancestors. Each walk has a unique focus, is both interesting and challenging, and invites the walker to visit both famous and less well-known sites and monuments.
    The author offers his own theories about the purpose and siting of many of these ancient monuments, engaging the reader in a fascinating journey of discovery.
    There are sketch maps to guide you, and the author brings the text to life with his intricate hand-drawn sketches and detailed descriptions of the wonderful scenery and wildlife.
    A glossary of historical terms and Welsh place names completes an exceptionally comprehensive coverage of Walks in Ancient Wales.

    Walks:  26

    Distance:  4 - 10 miles

    Author:   Robert Harris

    ISBN:   9781850587972

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