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Suffolk – a county of beautiful rolling farmland and narrow, winding lanes leading to sleepy villages and ancient wool towns with towering churches and forgotten castles. This book invites you to explore twentyfive gentle walks. It is for the unhurried wanderer who likes to linger, those with an afternoon to spare and time to reflect over a cuppa and cake.

Walks in the Slow Lanes of Suffolk

  • Each walk has a hand painted map and pastel sketch as well as descriptive, personal recollections – all the work of the author, Angie Jones. There is also background information and local history, (sometimes from the mouths of people she meets along the way) to enhance the adventure and create a journey of discovery.


    About the Author:
    From early childhood Angie has always had a love for rural East Anglia instilled into her by a father who worked on the land. In latter years she exchanged her head teacher’s office for the footpaths, fields and country lanes of Suffolk. Her passion for wildlife, local history and people, photography and writing combined with walking, creates this, her first book. Angie also writes for several magazines and speaks at local events. She lives in north Essex with her husband, Maurice. Together they keep chickens, grow vegetables and play with the grandchildren.

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