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30 great family walks around the Derbyshire Peak District, centred on rivers, reservoirs and canals. A fascinating insight into how the various water features operate and evolve, combined with stunning scenery and interesting landmarks. A complete walking experience.

Waterside Walking in the Peak District

  • The walks visit all the major water features in the Peak District, organised into five areas, with clear instructions on travel as well on the walk route itself. Once completed, the reader will have enjoyed and understood the key aspects of how rivers (with mills, weirs and underground caverns) shape the landscape, how the canals were built and supplied with water, and how our drinking water reservoirs are managed.


    About the Author:
    Keith Stevens is a retired professional with an engineering background. He had been walking in the Peak District for over twenty years and is co-author of Peak District Trigpointing Walks.


    Walks: 30


    Distance: 2.5 to 6.5 miles


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