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Norman Buckley has written a book of walks on the Yorkshire Dales - without the Ups and Downs!

Yorkshire Dales Walking on The Level 2nd Edition

  • You don't have to climb the high tops, stride across rugged moorland or battle down steep valley sides to enjoy walking in this beautiful area. If you're not as fit as you were (or plan to be fitter than you are) or with young children in tow, this is bound to be the book for you! It's also ideal when time is short or clouds obscure the high ground. In this book, there are 32 walks without serious ascent which explore the heart of the Dales countryside and are packed with a wealth of interesting features encountered along the way. All the walks are based on well-known towns and villages, mainly within the most popular and best-loved Dales.

    Since the "level" walker proceeds at a more leisurely pace, taking photographs and admiring the fine scenery, places of refreshments and picnic areas are mentioned where appropriate. And, if you're travelling by car to and from the relevant town or village, you'll appreciate the carefully selected and recommended car parking areas.

    None of these walks have serious ascents of descents. The more leisurely pace allows the scenery to be admired and photographs to be taken.


    About the Author:

    Norman Buckley lives in the Lake District and has been an enthusiastic walker, home and abroad, for many years. He is also the author of ‘On the Level' titles for the Lake District, North Wales, and the Peak Districts.

    Walks:  32

    Distance:  2.75 to 9 miles


    ISBN:   9781850589167

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