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The Keswick Reminder Review


Lake District Tea Shop Walks
by Cartherine Savidge
Published by: Sigma Leisure
Paperback 156pp
Price £8.99 
ISBN: 978-1-91075-804-5


It's not everyone who wants to, or can, slog to bag a high summit or to dangle from rock, so Catherine Savidge's lovely tea shop walks fit their bill nicely!

She has outlined twenty memorable walks across the Lakes which cater for the civilized, children and the less-able walkers. 
    They stretch from Bassenthwaite down to Broughton and across from the Irish sea to the Penrith area. The maps and descriptions are very clear to follow: but nothing of interest is missed out. There are lovely photos in every chapter. Each walk provides essential information, such as:- Distance: Relevant O.S. map: Starting Point: Parking: Teashop: Any added interest en route.

    The opening times and contact details of every cafe are provided too. Catherine's directions are very clear, being careful not to allow the walker to wander from the route.

This walking guide will be of great help to locals who wish to take an easy walk as well as visitors who have limited mobility or have children with them. Good child readers could lead the way for the adults! Walks on the lower slopes and the valley floors are as rewarding as those across the ridges and summits. Our Lake District is for everyone to enjoy!

    The recipes at the end are an added touch which encourages visitors to bake the cakes when they get back home and recall their happy, unforgettable walks .

Catherine Savidge is yet another gifted Cumbrian writer.



Joyce Wilson
The Keswick Reminder

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